It was with great sadness today that I dumped the last of my summer harvest into a pot. I was sad because the growing season is over, but happy in anticipation of my evening meal.

I cooked turkey butts with string beans, onions, and tomatoes — copiously seasoned with herbes de Provence and crushed red pepper.

As I chopped my lovingly grown beans and tomatoes into pieces, I thought about how I planted them in May with great expectation. For the tomatoes, I planted three varieties: salad, plum and cherry. Throughout the summer, I revelled as they proliferated and were harvested to adorn salads and cooked dishes. They were so unlike the tomatoes I buy at the local grocery. A summer visitor remarked how remarkable the taste of FRESH can be.

Although I had hoped to yield enough to preserve as tomato sauce for spaghetti and ketchup, I didn’t have enough harvest left. The tomatoes were so yummy, I ate them all summer straight off the vine.

The base for this recipe is turkey butts, cooked in water, seasoned with crushed red pepper until they fall apart. Once you have that base, toss in the rest.


Green beans w turkey butt


1# green beans
1 large onion (sliced thin)
4x plum tomatoes (chopped)
4 cups water



4 tbs bouillon (chicken)
1 tbs pepper (crushed red)
1 tbs herbes de Provence


COOK turkey butts until falling apart
ADD green beans
ADD onion, tomato & seasoning on top”
MIX well
COOK until green beans are soft, but still firm (about 30 minutes)
SIMMER until beans are cooked through but still f irm

SERVE with cornbread



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