Feelin’ hot, hot, hot




Weather reports in my area predict 100+ temperatures today… a number that does not factor in the humidity (so elevated that I mopped my kitchen floor yesterday and it took 5 hours to dry). I am sweating from head to foot and all of my energy is depleted. The very thought of cooking something to eat for dinner is depressing.

Days like this remind me of my life in Africa and the Caribbean…. where cool sea breezes alleviated the distress.

Anybody who says that global warming is not real is crazy!

With the little strength I have left (before the sun reaches its zenith) …. the best I can offer as a “comfort” recipe is this — which I plan to serve my grandchildren when they return home this afternoon from summer camp.

Cantaloupe Ice

Cantaloupe Ice



1 cantaloupe
½ cup orange juice



Blend cantaloupe and juice in a blender until smooth
Pour into a container and freeze
Thaw slightly before serving in individual cups


Tinkin’ bout de heat mek me wan fe whine!


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