Christmas Punch

Of the many interesting and wonderful things to drink during the holidays, Sorrel punch is one of my favorites. The tart taste of this infusion is reminiscent of cranberry juice, but lighter. Spiked generously with overproof rum, it is traditional holiday fare throughout the Caribbean. I learned to make it while living in Jamaica.

Sorrel (hibiscus sabdariffa) is a flower of hibiscus family that is highly regarded for its medicinal properties. It can be consumed hot or cold, is a good source of vitamin C and is known to reduce high blood pressure.

In my world travels, I was surprised to find out how popular it is and the numerous names by which it is known. In Latin America, it is called flor de Jamaica;  karkadé in Jordan, Egypt and Sudan, Chai Kujarat in Iraq, Chai Torsh in Iran, gumamela in the Philippines, bissap, tsoborodo or wonjo in West Africa.

Sorrel Punch

Sorrel Punch


3 cups sorrel leaves (dried)
12 cups water
2 cups sugar (brown)
1 litre rum (white) (optional)


1 tbs ginger (fresh grated)
12 cloves (fresh whole)
2 tsp allspice (dried berries)
3 sticks cinnamon
1 tbs lime juice


USE a large soup pot
ADD sorrel, water and spices
COOK until boiling
REMOVE from heat
STRAIN off the liquid (discard sorrel leaves and spice residue)
ADD sugar and rum
STIR until sugar is dissolved
CHILL & serve


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