Green Acres


Last weekend, I took my grandchildren to visit a farm. I am on a mission to expose them to “real life” in all of its unadulterated glory:  Nature, animals, the products they provide (beyond food) and the food we should eat to support good health. The farm I chose is a model of environmental stewardship. Most of the animals roam free. Power is provided by solar panels and a wind turbine. Everything is recycled.

On this 80 acre haven of self sufficiency, there were sheep; goats; a variety of free range chickens (including flying guinea hens); numerous cats of all colors; a gargantuan draft horse, as well as smaller ponies; and a rambunctious little donkey named Arlo who followed us around. The kids got to feed the chickens, pluck eggs from their nests, and milk a goat. My grandson handled a baby garter snake that someone found in the grass. My granddaughter gulped cold fresh goat’s milk and loved it.

For me… the best thing was learning to make ricotta cheese from fresh goat milk. It is SO EASY, I couldn’t believe it. I bought enough milk to bring home so I could make more on my own and for use in making soap. I also purchased a dozen naturally multi-colored eggs. The yolks were so rich and creamy, they elevated my next morning omelete to a whole new level of deliciousness.

It was a great day!


RICOTTA CHEESE (makes about 2 cups)


8 cups whole milk (or, better, fresh goat milk)
1/4 cup vinegar


Heat the milk and buttermilk in a pot to 185 degrees (temperature is very important)|
Remove from heat
Stir in the vinegar
Let stand for a few minutes while curds form
Press the mixture with a spoon to remove as much moisture as possible
Transfer into a storage container and refrigerate
Best eaten fresh but will keep for a few days



If you live in New York state, you will love Apple Pond Farm in Callicoon!



1 Comment

  1. Riley Davis said,

    18 September 2012 at 10:04 pm

    Great blog today… Family and Food an undeniable hit combination!

    Is Green Acres named after the 60’s TV sitcom and if so, I hope you aren’t reprising the Ava Gabor role… I don’t think she had grand children.

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