Frittering Away My Time


1 cup               yellow corn meal (coarse ground)
1 cup               flour
1 ½ cups          milk (or buttermilk = better)
2 large             eggs
1 cup               escallion (chopped fine, bulbs & greens)
1 cup               okra (cut in rounds – fresh or frozen)
1 cup               saltfish (flaked) (optional)
2 tbs                baking powder
½ tsp               salt
½ tsp               pepper (crushed red)
1 cup               oil (vegetable)

MIX together meal and flour
ADD milk and eggs & mix well
ADD escallion, okra & saltfish & mix
ADD baking powder, salt & pepper & mix again
HEAT ¼ cup of oil in a large skillet
DROP meal mixture by tablespoonfuls into hot oil
FRY on one side until good and crusty (about 2 minutes)
TURN & FRY other side
DRAIN on paper towel





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