Food is Love

Food around the world

I have eaten my way around the world (literally).

After growing up in the United States (I am a “ghetto girl” and proud of it), somebody in the State Department opened the door to the world by approving my application for a passport (imagine my shock on that day!) I have been on a mission to see and do every possible thing in every possible country ever since.

I lived for many years in Jamaica, South Africa and France… and did my best to explore the cuisine of my host countries as well as their neighbours to the fullest.

At one point, I owned a restaurant in Paris, France… Bojangles in Montmartre. I am proud to say that it was one of the most  popular places in the city of lights for “good food, good music and good times” … Pan African style.

This blog is my small way of sharing the huge things I have learned in my travels… about food, culture and life.

I grew up on soulfood (African American style) but now know that food is a reflection of the soul — whomever and wherever one might be. That is why I open my blog with the admonition that “food is love.” I learned that lesson, first in the kitchens of my grandmothers, and then in the kitchens of friends around the world.

Pot Likker is my humble attempt to share my passion for food and culture through the recipes and stories of my life.


Bon Appeti!

بالهناء والشفاء / بالهنا والشفا

Smaaklike ete!


Guten Appetit!

Selamat makan!


Furahieni chakula chenu!

Ukonwabele ukutya kwakho!

Thokoleza ukudla!


1 Comment

  1. Radiah Frye said,

    8 March 2013 at 2:59 am

    Fabulous !!! Sharon, keep on pushing and keep on Cooking and keep on keeping on !!!

    From Paris: Radiah Frye

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